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Job Reference (ISO Management System Projects)

  • Building contractor
    Demolition, building construction, A & A works and maintenance services.


  • Foundation contractor
    Foundation Works and design: 
    bored piles, driven H pile, mini-piles, sheet pile, pile pipe and ELS.


  • Interior design company
    Interior design service and fitting out works.


  • Building product manufacturer
    Manufacturing and supply of Cure-In-Place pipe liner.


  • Security service company
    Provision of commercial security service


  • Security system specialist
    Design, supply, installation, maintenance and monitoring of security system


  • Precast concrete element manufacturer
    Manufacturing of precast concrete Facade, semi-slab and staircase


  • Pipe rehabilitation specialist
    Rehabilitation service for damaged pipes


  • Trading company
    Trading of tiles, bricks, begged cement & concrete blocks


  • M & E Contractor
    Design and installation of M & E Service System


  • Concrete Plant
    Design, production and supply of Ready Mix Concrete


  • Demolition specialist
    Demolition of building structure


  • Building material supplier
    Production and supply of aggregates


  • Data Centre
    Provision of facilities management and operation of data centres

2010 - present

2010 - present

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