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Company Profile

Founded 1995

Agora Consultancy Limited is a consultant providing service to establish Management System for ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and 45001 standard certifications. We also provide project management and information technology support.




Agora is formed by a group of management and engineering professionals with civil engineering building construction, electronic engineering and information technology background. Our team members are professional engineers, and registered certified auditors, with intensive experience in development and implementation of Management System and Information Technology System for a variety of companies.

Our team specializes in following areas:

Construction Industry

  • Quality, Environmental and Safety Management     (Construction and Manufacturing projects)

  • Temporary Work Design, Construction Method     (Civil Engineering & Building Projects)

  • Independent Checking & Certification     (Civil Engineering & Building Projects)




Networking Communication and Information Technology Industry

  • Multi-site Networking

  • Networking Planning & Implementation     (Streaming media on Internet)

  • Firewall VPN & VoIP Implementation

  • Email server planning and implementation

  • Data center security risk assessment

  • Services outsource risk assessment

  • Business continuity planning

  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System development

  • Auditing of IT industry against ISO 27001 standards

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